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Palm Tree Care Tips for Homeowners

Known to thrive in tropical locations and warm-weather areas, palm trees are popular in Arizona. With nearly 2,400 palm species available, hiring a professional company for palm tree trimming Phoenix is crucial. They’ll know precisely what it takes to trim your tree and help your palm thrive safely. Let’s discuss the basics of palm tree trimming and what you can expect for cost when you hire a professional trimming company.

Palm trees are a low-maintenance option if planted correctly. Your tree can thrive with little-to-no care with the proper irrigation, mulching, trimming, and pruning. Let’s explore the basics of palm tree care before you call your professional tree trimmers for a consultation. Palm trees are a common sight in Arizona, where several varieties can be found on both private and public property. Looking for more information about Can I Prune a Palm Tree Myself? See How Often Do I Need to Prune My Palm Tree? in our article library.

Palm Trees and Light

Many palms require significant sun exposure to thrive. Still, others do fine with less light. Before planting a palm in your yard, talk to a professional arborist to learn more about what your palm needs.

Soil and Water

With so many species available, palms have been known to be planted in many soil types. However, they prefer moist, loose, well-drained soil to prosper. Too much rain and soggy conditions can create a problem for palm trees. Arizona is a great location to grow palm trees because of the dry, hot climate.

Many homeowners use mulch to help retain moisture and prevent weeds with soil that drains effectively. As the mulch breaks down, it enriches the soil around your palm, preventing fungal diseases. New palms must be watered frequently to ensure healthy growth. Talk to a professional in palm tree trimming Phoenix to find the right watering schedule for your specific species.

What Do I Need to Know About Pruning?

Regular pruning and routine trimming are vital in maintaining your palm’s health. Your professional team will remove dead fronds and old fruit stems to keep your tree healthy. While they’ll need to cut as close to the trunk as possible, hiring a professional is crucial to ensure you don’t skin the trunk. This could cause your entire tree to die.

How Much Does It Cost for Palm Tree Trimming Phoenix?

Since palm trees differ significantly, it’s hard to give an exact estimate for your tree trimming costs. Small trees can start at $100 for routine trimming, and large trees can cost as much as $700. Still, other factors impact the exact costs of hiring a professional tree trimming company.

Size isn’t the only deciding factor regarding cost. Location and accessibility significantly determine costs since your tree trimming company may need additional equipment and resources. Safety should always be a priority with professional tree trimmers, so you may notice higher costs when additional crew and equipment are required for safety.

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