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Important Facts About Palm Tree Skinning

Maintenance is crucial to the life of your tree if you’re a property owner with palm trees. Aside from pruning and trimming, your palms should be skinned once a year or every few years. This doesn’t just ensure your tree’s health, but it also protects your property from unnecessary damage. Let’s learn more about the importance of palm tree skinning.

What Is Palm Tree Skinning?

Palm trees are different from many other trees in how they grow. Palm leaves grow directly from the tree’s trunk and are called fronds. Each year, the fronds die and turn woody, giving your tree the tiered appearance most associated with palms. In addition to pruning and trimming the leaves, your Phoenix palm tree trimming services should include annual skinning.

Skinning a palm tree involves cutting away the dead fronds at their base, which is at the trunk of the tree. Once this is completed, your palm tree will have a smooth appearance. This doesn’t just help keep your tree healthy and protect the landscape around it; it is also done for other reasons. With more than 2,600 different species worldwide, palm trees are a common tree, especially in regions with hot, dry weather. Check read our post, Signs You Need Professional Palm Tree Removal, if you’re interested in learning more about the time for Palm Tree Removal.

Why Should I Skin My Palm Tree?

Landowners skin palm trees for several reasons. When it comes to the health of your palm, skinning is vital. For starters, many types of bugs and rodents can invade your tree. Dead fronds make the perfect habitat for these unwanted pests. Once they get comfortable, many of these insects and rodents will feed on your tree, causing significant damage that may become irreparable. Skinning your palm trees protects them from these dangers and ensures preventative pest control for your property.

Dead palm fronds also consume many of the resources that come from your tree. They soak up water and use many minerals from the ground that are crucial to your tree’s health. Since they are dead, these resources are essentially wasted. Cutting away dead fronds ensures the healthy parts of your tree have the nutrients and minerals it needs for survival as they are funneled upwards towards healthy, living fronds.

Finally, palm fronds will eventually fall off your tree. This is a hazard in terms of injury, creates a nuisance, and negatively impacts your home’s curb appeal. You can avoid having dead fronds scattered across your lawn by scheduling your Phoneix palm tree trimming every one to three years. Plus, some people simply like the visual aesthetic of a smooth, skinned palm tree.


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Skinning palm trees is crucial to the health and longevity of your tree. However, these services must be performed by a professional palm tree trimming company to ensure the best results.

Trying to skin a palm tree yourself poses risks for yourself and your tree. Since dead fronds form an open wound when your tree is cut, your tree can become infected with bacteria if not cleaned properly with suitable materials. Cutting too deep can also scar the tree trunk, preventing new fronds from growing and absorbing many of the essential nutrients the rest of your tree needs for survival.

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