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Signs You Need Professional Palm Tree Removal

Palms are a popular tree, with over 2,600 palm tree species worldwide, especially in areas with warm, dry climates. Palm trees are seen on many commercial and residential properties throughout Arizona. Although they don’t require much maintenance and care, palm trees do need to be pruned and trimmed regularly. So, how do you know your palm tree needs to be removed from your property? Let’s discuss some signs you need to call a professional for palm tree removal Phoenix.

Is It Time for Palm Tree Removal?

Palm trees add a lovely aesthetic to your property, playing a significant role in the landscape of many Arizona properties. Still, sometimes they need to be removed. Here are five signs you need to call a professional for palm tree removal:

1.   Your Tree Is Infected

Palm trees can develop contagious infections that can significantly damage or even kill the tree. If you have an infected palm, removing it as soon as possible is crucial before it affects other nearby trees. If you think your palm is infected, check the soil to see if the tree has enough nutrients and moisture. If your tree is getting what it needs to be healthy but still looks unwell, it’s time to call the professionals. They will determine whether your tree is infected and needs to be removed.

2.   Your Tree Is Infested by Pests

Unfortunately, palm trees are an inviting habitat for pests and rodents. Many pests can set up house in your palms and cause damage. Not only do these pests make you feel uncomfortable, but they may also cause significant damage to your tree. Check your palm tree regularly to ensure your tree doesn’t get infested by pests. If you think you have a pest problem, call a professional company for palm tree trimming Phoenix for a recommendation.

3.   Roots Are Overgrown

Sometimes, palm tree roots grow so big that they become too large for your property. Large palm tree roots can cause significant property damage. Your plumbing system can even become impacted when these roots invade your outdoor sewer lines and create a considerable mess for your property. Property and plumbing damage caused by overgrown roots can be incredibly costly. If you think your roots are growing too big, contact a professional company for help. Although palm plants require less upkeep and maintenance than other types of trees, frequent trimming is still necessary to maintain the health of your tree. Visit our post Everything You Need to Know About Palm Tree Trimming for additional information on Why Is Palm Tree Trimming Important.

4.   It Impacts Your Neighbor’s Property

When palm trees grow, there’s no telling how far their fronds will extend. Whether your neighbor is making complaints or your homeowner’s insurance is afraid your tree will fall into your neighbor’s property, you may need to remove it if it extends beyond your property lines. Call a professional palm tree trimming company. They will be able to determine if you can cut the fronds and keep your tree within your property lines or if it’s best to remove the tree altogether.

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